Wataru Sato(佐藤 航)
,,,Composer, Pianist, Mixer in Japan, and the president of Tokage records.
He has released some albums under the name of ''Gecko''.

My instrumentals
・Upright piano(KAWAI city light)
・Acoustic guitar(Melida Extreme)
・Electric guitar('64s silver tone by Dan
・Microkorg synthesizer

My Softwares and Plugins
mail: info@tokagerecords.jp
tel: 07055898948
I'm Wataru Sato, the president of Tokage records and create music as ''Gecko''.
According to your intention, I'm able to create various kinds of music such as Piano music, Electronic Music, Ambient music, Acoustic sounds music, Minimal music, Dance music, Pops 
and so on...

If you're interested in my music, I'd like you to contact me.
Language  Japanese / English