[official video] I swam - 別野加奈(Kana Wakareno) from Kana Wakareno(別野加奈) on Vimeo.

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2nd Album of Kana Wakareno, who is a Japanese female singer song writer.
This is the soundtrack for the movie ''TRAPPED IN THE GLASS'', which was directed by Kana Wakareno


The special edition will be available on the website of Kana Wakareno.

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Label Web Shop(日本語)  ナツメヒロ(神奈川)
Label Web Shop(English)  ギャラりーのろぺこ(福岡)
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   Track List
 1 lost day summer dreaming
 2 海辺の花屋
 5  DAY
 6 亡霊
 8 I swam
 9 庭の雨
 10 ene
 Number  TKGR-006
 Release Date  2015.12.16
 Price(CD only)  2,268yen(tax in)
Price( with Booklet) 2,500yen(tax in)
 Format  CD
海辺の花屋 / 別野加奈