Gecko+Bob is a project by Gecko and Bob, who is a guitarist of Gecko&Tokage Parade.

Tokage records主宰のピアニストGeckoと、GeckoのバンドセットGecko&Tokage ParadeのギタリストBobのデュオによる1stアルバム。
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Label Web Shop(Japanese)  more records (埼玉)
Label Web Shop
 ナツメヒロ(神奈川)  Not A mot's (北海道)
 Tower records  
   Track List
 1 Introduction
 2 Twins' part
 3 Calm part
 4  Leaping part
 5 Pause
 6  Dance Freely Ⅰ
 7 Wandering part
 8 Separation part
 9 Dance Freely Ⅱ
 10 Falling part
 11  Finale
 Number  TKGR-004
 Release Date  2014.5.21
 Price  2,160yen(tax in)
 Format  CD or Digital